Meet Lauren, B4J Prayer Facilitator

God brings people for His purposes into our lives and makes us stronger together!  Here is a glimpse into the heart and life of Lauren, a woman with a passion for justice and for prayer.  She is a quiet spoken “warrior” who is “leading the charge” to fight trafficking on the front lines of intercession.  Human trafficking is first a spiritual battle that must be fought on our knees.  Visit this page for prayer tools as you Pray4Justice and pray against the evils of human trafficking and oppression.  If you would like to correspond about starting a prayer group in your church, send an email to

Sharon: Lauren, would you share with us about your early years - how you came to Christ and developed a global vision?

Lauren: I came to Christ at age 13 at The Chapel in Akron, Ohio, where God instilled in me a heart for global missions and a deep desire to make a difference for Christ in the world.  Bill and I met on a missions trip. When Bill and I married, he was in seminary and after that we began serving in pastoral ministry. 

Sharon: And how did you develop a heart for Biblical justice and a burden for anti-trafficking?

Lauren: In 2008 the understanding and awareness of human trafficking came onto my radar.  I did not want to know about it – it was too evil.  But every time I turned around God was bringing it before me.  I read Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren.   In her book, Kay Warren shared how she felt as only one person facing the enormity of the AIDS epidemic, but recognizing her calling and the greatness of God.  I began praying - “Lord, if I am going to know about this evil, you have to give me a way to make a difference.”  It was at that time that my husband, Bill, met Sharon, Kathy, and Steve at the EFCA One conference in June 2008.

When Bill returned from the conference, he connected me to you.  As we spoke on the phone, I felt the resonance of our heart and calling. Strengthened by the bond of togetherness, I began reading a lot more books and learning a lot.  I knew it was God’s call on my life.  And from the beginning, I was convinced that the most important thing in the fight against human trafficking is prayer.  I recognized that a person is ‘toast” in this huge battle unless you have the power of God on your side.  I think of David and Goliath.  My bag of stones is prayer fueled by worship of our Great God.

Sharon:  How has your involvement in Biblical justice and anti-trafficking impacted your life? 

Lauren: Being involved has been transforming in my own life.  It has driven me to search God’s heart through His Word, learning more about pain and suffering from a Biblical perspective.  God longs for all to be rescued from sin and slavery.  Compassion flows from God’s heart.    This understanding has stirred in me a willingness to step in and to learn about broken lives.  I was no longer content living my own easier plan for life – shielded from the knowledge of the pain of human trafficking, injustice, and suffering of others.  This growing knowledge of God and His heart for the hurting stirred me to pray more globally and fervently.

On my justice journey, I have also learned about love, sacrifice, courage and God’s grace – meeting “Freedom Fighters” – people on the frontlines who exemplify those qualities stemming from their love for Jesus and their heart for him.

Sharon:  Lauren, can you share just a bit more in closing from your heart and calling?

Lauren: One of the things God spoke to my heart before moving to Pennsylvania in 2008 was from the verse, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” (Mark 11:17)  I felt God telling me that was a calling on my life.  But what did that mean? Being involved with B4J makes me much more aware of what is going on in the world and how to fulfill this calling of prayer for all nations.

Praying for Justice has caused me to be so deeply grateful for Jesus and His willingness to step into this mess in this world and be the Bridge for Justice.  His love compels me not to live for myself but to live for the one who died for me.  

And I recognize that daily by His grace and His filling I can make any difference.  This brings Joy! I am eager to want to encourage and equip others to Pray4Justice!