Mission, Strategic Initiatives, & Core Values


“Transforming communities one life at a time.” 

“Our 4 E’s”

Equip trafficking survivors and those at risk to be all God has created them to be through community-based holistic training.

Empower The marginalized with opportunities to earn income with dignity to meet their needs and the needs of their families.

Encourage frontline workers and partners to pursue God and his heart for justice together.

Engage followers of Christ with practical opportunities to do Biblical justice locally and globally – praying, serving, giving, and marketing.

Our 10 Core Values

  1. Each individual, created in the image of God with purpose and potential
  2. Holistic wellness for each person, their family and their community.
  3. Relationships that reflect Biblical justice in the family, workplace, and community.
  4. A faith-based relationship with God that honors Him as Creator, Provider, Redeemer, and Lord.
  5. Respect and care for God’s creation and recognition of our role as stewards of the earth and environment.
  6. The gospel, God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit bringing transformation to individual lives, families, and communities.
  7. Work to provide income with dignity and value of each contributing individual.
  8. Significance of beauty and creativity as God given gifts in our lives to bring hope and restoration.
  9. Collaboration and cooperation through networking relationships and partnerships to serve together for God’s glory.
  10. The local church and the global church, unitedly serving and glorifying God.