The B4J Story


An Eye-Opening Trip to Asia

In 2012 an anti-trafficking vision team traveled to red light areas in Kolkata. After listening to stories from the front lines, shedding tears and praying together with those they met, the need for Bridges4Justice became clear.

Understanding the Need the Vision takes Shape

Victims flow from economically depressed “source areas” of trafficking. Overwhelming poverty and a desperate lack of economic opportunity creates human vulnerability playing into the schemes of the traffickers. 

Trafficking prevention comes through income earning opportunities to reverse individual poverty in these source areas. Coming face-to-face with the realities of human trafficking and re-trafficking, the Bridges4Justice Team saw opportunities. By networking their skills and working with on-the-ground partners a difference could be made in the lives of the most vulnerable. 

Changing Communities One Life at a Time 

Front line workers lead wholistic training and business development programs in vulnerable source communities. Bringing new life with hope to women and their families, these programs are decreasing the risk of trafficking and re-trafficking. As women make beautiful products, they earn income with dignity enabling them to meet their needs and the needs of their families. Bridges4Justice currently partners with three organizations/business owned and operated by local believers in India and Thailand changing communities one life at a time.

Stronger Together

Volunteers are the primary work force behind Bridges4Justice. There is an intentional commitment to developing volunteers to provide the grassroots, ‘people in the pews,’ doing justice together. Volunteers keep costs down; this also makes it possible to release more funds directly to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.

Products Made by Women at Risk are Marketed by Volunteers in the U.S. 

Teams of volunteer advocates serve in different areas across the U.S. Volunteers host Bridges4Justice sales and awareness events in homes and churches. Every product sold through Bridges4Justice decreases the risk of trafficking for the women and their families. 

More advocates and volunteers are needed to mobilize prayer, heighten awareness and host one-time sales events. To learn more contact us below.

(Website development is under way and Bridges4Justice is working to add e-commerce in the future.)

Providing Resources, Promoting Prayer, and Encouraging Front-line workers 

Bridges4Justice also partners to provide financial resources, promote prayer, and bring encouragement to front line workers. A portion of Bridges4Justice sales and tax-deductible donations provide the necessary financial resources for the following projects. 

Strengthening those most at risk, Bridges4Justice supports:

  • Families at Risk COVID-19 Relief
  • Training programs for Women at Risk
  • Meeting Needs of Children at Risk
  • Young Women’s Scholarship
  • Freedom Business Development
  • Health and Wellness for Women at Risk

Bridging the Gap – Locally and Globally

The vulnerable poor are everywhere. The issues behind trafficking that create vulnerability must be addressed. Bridges4Justice is committed to mobilizing God’s people for justice both locally and globally. 

Knowing Biblical justice is not just about stopping trafficking, a future goal is to provide training resources and ideas for churches and followers of Christ to be better equipped to serve the needy and those overlooked within their own localities as well as around the world.

Be Part of the Bridges4Justice Network

You’re invited! Pray. Join the Bridges4Justice network. Sign up to receive the e-newsletter (subscribe below). Become an advocate. Host a sales event. Use your skills in promotion, product development, training, prayer, mobilization and awareness. 

There is Joy in Doing God’s Work of Justice Together!